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Steel Wood Shelf Selection Method


Steel-wood combined shelves are more and more used in boutique convenience stores, wine displays, pregnancy stores, high-end bookstores, etc. due to the diversity of wood grain color, the simplicity of the combination of steel structures, and the high-end display effect. Moreover, many people have their own aesthetic needs and performance requirements for steel-wood shelves, which requires professional manufacturers to design and customize steel-wood shelves. Dark Manufacturing talks about the design and customization requirements for steel-wood shelves.

1, determine the size of steel and wood shelves

The size of the steel-wood shelves is critical because it relates to the use of wood, because the standard board size is 1.2 m * 2.4 m, and the height of the boutique supermarket shelf is generally 1.35 m, which limits the length and height of the shelf. Can not be too large, so the general length of steel and wood shelves is limited to 1 meter, mostly 700mm and 900mm length. At the height, 2.4 meters is already the highest altitude. Customized steel and wood shelves determine the size of the shelves not only because of the need for cost control, but also the rational use of wood resources. Therefore, it is recommended that customers not to pursue individualized dimensions too much, resulting in waste of wood and excessive investment.

2. Determine the connection form of steel-wood shelves

The connection form of steel-wood shelves is mainly in the form of plugging, bolting and welding. Customers can determine the appropriate connection form according to the installation and use requirements of steel-wood shelves. It is recommended to use plug-in and bolt-on connections, as the assembled form of the shelf is more suitable considering the convenience of transportation and installation and movement. Industry God manufactures steel-wood combined shelves generally in the form of plug-in, which is simple to install and saves manpower.

3, determine the color of the steel and wood shelves

The color matching of steel-wood shelves is an important part of whether the shelf can achieve the expected display effect. The general requirement is that the color of the steel frame is similar to or the same as the color of the wood. If it is not special, it is not recommended when the rendering design is not done. Use a color contrast that is too large. If you really need it, you can process the sample after the rendering design, and finally determine the color of the finished product.

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